Leather Products - Analine finished Ostrich Skins

Ostrich leather is an exotic leather. This unique and long lasting leather is one of the most sought after leathers in the world. It is also very versatile and has many end uses, from fashion accessories to luxury upholstery used by interior designers.

Ostrimark grading criteria follow the internationally accepted grading norms set by N.O.P.S.A. This established grading system divides the quill area - also known as 'diamond area' - in four quadrands, with a 1st grade skin the highest quality standard.

At Ostrimark, we fully understand that fashion is versatile and fast changing, therefore, we do not limit our customers to our standard color range and we custom made for their color needs and finish requirements.

Our full production cycle takes 4 weeks. For the convenience of our customers, we maintain a certain level of stock of ostrich skins processed to the crust stage and we are therefore able, in most instance, to shorten the order delivery terms to 2 weeks.

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