Ostrimark SA operates in the exotic leather market
and is committed to adding value to its clients through the principles of business ethics, professionalism and service excellence.

Ostrimark SA is a global exporter of top quality ostrich crust and fully tanned leather.
At Ostrimark, we recognize the importance of total quality satisfaction. Therefore,
we thrive on delivering a professional, personalized service to each of our customers,
while continually developing new products and responding to changing market needs.

Ostrimark SA is committed to live and work in close harmony with
the environment using state of the art tanning technology and high efficiency
effluent plant, thereby providing the best quality leather while keeping our
environment safe and clean.

Ostrimark SA believes in the principle of responding to market demands. As
a niche market player the company is aware that, while its products are not the
least expensive, it reflects market-related prices for excellent quality products and
service standards. With this pricing approach, the company has sustained long-term
relationships with clients.

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